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Soma Deacons

March 19, 2012
διάκονος: (greek) a servant, minister, administrator

In the same way that elders serve to lead with their words, deacons serve to lead with their works.

At Soma we are seeking to establish deacons to help guide our body to greater health and effectiveness.  We have chosen to use the word deacon due to its use in scripture. While different deacons may serve in various capacity, having a scriptural title helps define a specific role. We believe that men and women should both seek to serve in this capacity with various giftings. 

The following are a list of current areas of service. Select the link to view descriptions and responsibilities. (If you have an interest in serving, but are not interested in any of the current service areas, please apply. It could be God is using you to address a need in His church)

The first step toward serving as a deacon is to fill out the following interest form:

Deacon Interest Form